Top 10 Causes Of Acne

Here’s my top ten list of the causes of acne. I hope that from the list you can identify what might be causing your acne. HORMONE LEVELS 
Your hormone levels fluctuate at different stages of your life, such as puberty and pregnancy.

Acne can occur if your body contains more toxins than the kidneys can remove.

If you are under any sort of stress this can give you acne.

Your own oil glands can produces excess of sebum. This can accumulate and cause blocked pores.

Food can significantly affect your acneYou should avoid foods that have been processed or refined. You should also reduce your intake of fried foods and foods containing a high level of sugar.

If your make-up contains comedogenic ingredients this can lead to acne. Such ingredients are usually derived from petroleum. Make-up can also contain dyes than can contribute towards acne.

Yes, smoking can increase your risk of acne. If you need another reason to quit smoking here it is.

If your skin toner contains acetone or alcohol this will lead to the drying of your skin and this could cause acne.

Cleaning with soaps that contain chemicals such as detergent and fragrances will cause acne.

Although sun bathing seems to initially improve your acne, it actually dries your skin which leads to more acne.

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